About us

Are you looking for a competitive edge to finance and manage your commodity trades by having a single point of contact?
We can offer you the full range of supply chain services from finance to insurance to logistics.
Our efficient solutions include trade finance services to support exporters and trading companies. In the fast-moving world of trading, it’s important to find a way to outpace the competition.

Our Team

Pasquale Genier
Managing Director
Phone: +41 61 715 90 51
E-Mail: pgenier@trading-solutions.ch
LinkedIn: Pasquale Genier
Skype ID: pasquale.genier

Dina Apiyeva
Trade Finance
Phone: +41 61 715 90 55
E-Mail: dapiyeva@finance-solutions.ch
LinkedIn: Dina Apiyeva
Skype ID: dapiyeva_sts

Prasanna Jayawickrama
Finance / Middle Office
Phone: +41 61 715 90 59
E-Mail: pjayawickrama@finance-solutions.ch
LinkedIn: Prasanna Jayawickrama
Skype ID: pjaya_sts